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Psychology is the study of human behavior. This makes psychology very interesting. Not only while studying psychology, but even when you choose it as profession, psychology will help you and give some lifetime memorable experiences.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Careers in Psychology : Psychology Careers with a Bachelor's Degree


This is Ravi, would like to discuss about the career in Psychology, people keep asking this question that what is the career opportunities after completed Bachelor's Degree on Psychology. I was searching a video on Youtube which helped me a lot on know about it.

Have a look this video and let me know your opinion in the comment section:

B.S. Graduates: Job Ideas for Psychology

See Video Transcription:


This is Ravi, and would like to share this video the people who are doing bachelor's degree in psychology and would like to discuss about the job ideas. Have a look this video which may be helpful for you.

Congratulation from my side also that you have completed your bachelor degree in Psychology. You will find this video helpful.


Friday, February 7, 2014

Intro to Psychology - Crash Course Psychology

Intro to Psychology - Crash Course Psychology

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What does Mindset mean? Where does it come from? Hank gives you a 10 moment introduction to one of the more challenging sciences and speaks about some of the big titles in the growth of the area. Welcome to Accident Course Psychology!!!

* Intro to Psychology - Crash Course Psychology